Emergency & Central Battery System

About Emergency & Central Battery System

Since the safety of the buildings is major priority according to the different standard of safety

Installing emergency lighting luminaires become persistent need which leads to the importance of developing the emergency system used conform to fire precaution regulations.

What is the emergency central battery system?

It’s an addressable standalone emergency system based on serving emergency lighting through computerized station, which is ideal for medium or large projects where central Control is desirable such as: Universities, hospitals, Banks, Malls and Security institutions.

The system is divided two parts:

  • First Part: is the hardware mainly consists of the safety luminaires, exit signs, modules , the central battery unit (CBU) …etc.
  • Second Part: is the software for operating the system.

We deal with a flexible system that can be expandable according to the requirement of the project and the number of the luminaires to be served through; nevertheless it’s advisable when choosing the center to leave a spare space for future.

Why emergency central battery system?

The advantages of using emergency central are:

  • Maintenance and Testing is much easier.
  • Achieving high level of light easily.
  • Long Lifetime of battery which exceeds 10 years.
  • Central control for emergency luminaires.
  • The effective cost of the system makes it a viable alternative to self-contained emergency lighting products.

Emergency & Central Battery System Products